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Season 2

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P2P Oracle-less Lending Protocol

Time-based liquidiation
At Debita Finance v2, we strive to provide a secure and efficient lending platform. One crucial aspect of this is ensuring loan repayments and mitigating potential losses. This is where time-based liquidation comes into play
Use any Token as Collateral
We are committed to pushing the boundaries of DeFi lending. While the v1 platform offered a curated selection of collateral tokens, v2 introduces a revolutionary feature - ERC-721, ERC-20 or even veNFTS
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Debita Markets
Debita was first deployed on the Fantom network. Fantom is one the largest & oldest blockchains on the ecosystem.
Base is a L2 built by Coinbase. Designed as an Ethereum L2 with the goals of enhancing security, stability, and scalability for on-chain applications.